Another wonder at the end of 20 century
Bian is the head of Chinese four traditional medicals, was revealed in two thousand years.
Non-medicine cure, wide application, obvious cure result, no any poison, and easy to learn, to understand, to master.
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  It is worth mentioning that an ancient book on the traditional Chinese medical science 《 Su Wen· Yifafangyilun 》states:" Bian- healing stone is produced in the East." Here " the East " refers to none
other than the present-day Shandong Province . In his works 《 Lu Shi 》( dealing mainly with historical events of ancient legendary ), Luo Mi of the Southern Song Dynasty ( 1127 - 1279 A.D. ) said:" Fu Xi① tasted various medicinal herbs and made Bian-healing stone in order to cure common people of their diseases." A famous chief of Taihao Tribe belonging to one branch of ancient tribes in East China, Fu Xi came from the nationality called East Yi dwelling in the Neolithic Age, along the coastal area of the present-day Shandong Province and, therefore, Fu Xi turned out to have come from Shandong Province, which fully explains why the outcropped Si Bin stone has been only unearthed from Shandong and why lots of lithoidal implements for Bian-healing skill have been exclusively excavated in Shandong, in recent years. Test and detection have confirmed that the outcropped Si Bin stone proves to be no other than the desirable stone of fine quality with which the ancient Chinese people made instruments for use in Bian-healng skill. As mentioned previously, the outcropped Si Bin stone functions both as permeating and dispersing like an " invisible needle " having a therapeutic effect on the deep part of human body, i.e. " Bian-healing skill is hired to serve as a way of medical treatment." It is most likely that the outcropped Si Bin stone we are now working at happens to be the authodox one of the ancient time in China. Now that we know the outcropped Si Bin stone is invaluable, then what is its existing status now ? This particular stone material has been depleted after years' mining and the last

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batch of the outcropped Si Bin stone material was transported to Beijing on December 19, 1999.
  In recent years, the collective headed by Mr Fan Yewei has contributed immensely to the cause of re-exploration of Bian-healing skill, looking, in a deep-going-way, into the lithoidal implements for Bian- healing skill both excavated from underground and being employed by the common people,(Fig.11) and in the meanwhile, putting it into clinical practice and making instruments thereupon like multifunctional Bian slate ( Patent number registered as ZL 97221191.8 ),(Fig.12) Bian anvil, Bian

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bar, Bian awl, Bian ball, Bian ruler, etc. with the outcropped Si Bin stone taken for raw material. Mr Fan Yewei has for the first time developed sixteen therapeutic ways in connection with Bian-healing skill that are most applicable for modern man, summed up a complete set of experience in curing part of man's chronic and stubborn diseases and perfected norm of conduct, function and mechanism of Bian-healing skill in its medical treatment and health protection. On top of all these, he runs quite a number of training courses on which students from home and abroad are trained into qualified masters of Bian-healing skill. And some of the Chinese graduates are sent to work in Beijing Regimental Hospital of the Chinese People's Armed Police Forces, Beijing Huguosi Hospital in the Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment and clinics in traditional medicine, etc., where Bian-healing skill is applied to those who suffer from difficult and complicated cases of illnesses and, plenty of patients are later on relieved of their sufferings. Having returned home, the foreign students successively established relevant academic institutions or organizations in their own countries. For instance, Japanese Society of Bian-Healing Skill, Japanese Association of Workshops on Bian-Healing Skill, Academy of Relationships of Microcirculation with Bian Healing, Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Chinese Herbal Medical Treatment, Australian Association of Workshops on Bian-Healing Skill. As Mr Fan Yewei has made tremendous contributions to re-exploration of the Chinese ancient Bian-healing skill, along with a host of special papers and treatises on the subject published, he was honourably accepted as a member of WHO'S WHO by International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England, in 1998. In 1999, his paper entitled 《 Re-exploration of Bian-Healing Skill in the Traditional Chinese Medical Science Lost Two Thousand Years Ago 》won Gold Award of " The Well-Known World Doctor in the 20th Century." And in 2000, his name was registered in《 The Brain Database of the 21st Century》, illustrating that Mr Fan Yewei has turned out to be the first person in digging up and pushing on the Bian-healing skill in China for the first time.
  And in this way, Bian-healing skill, which was listed in the first place among the four medical skills in the traditional Chinese medical science in ancient China as stated in the book of 《 Huangdi Neijing 》, and Si Bin QING in the form of magic instrument, percussion instrument and musical instrument, both symbolizing as two crystals of the Stone Age Culture of the Chinese Nation and serving as two sources of culture, are merged into one organic whole. In other words, after falling in oblivion for more than two thousand years, the Bian-healing skill, capable of improving human being's health conditions, has been brought back to life again and perfected as regards its medical skill and relevant instruments, ready to serve the contemporaries.

① According to the Chinese popular legend, Fu Xi was the earliest ancestor of human being living in China. Throughout his life, he devoted himself to passing on how to be engaged in farming, fishing, hunting and animal husbandry, to common people.