Another wonder at the end of 20 century
Bian is the head of Chinese four traditional medicals, was revealed in two thousand years.
Non-medicine cure, wide application, obvious cure result, no any poison, and easy to learn, to understand, to master.
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  In the process of the study of the outcropped Si Bin stone, Mr Fan Yewei①first found it out that this special stone boasts of a strange field of energy, which is beneficial to physical fitness of human body and capable of curing man's diseases. As a business behaviour, Mr Fan formally began to take charge of developing the outcropped Si Bin stone in 1993. Beginning in 1994, a discussion on " The Relations between QING Stone and Good Health " lasted nearly one and half years, during which period significant subject on the culture of QING stone and Bian healing of the traditional Chinese medical science was formally raised and in the meanwhile, deep-going-way clinical practices were made, with plenty of first-hand data and information collected. In order to reveal the mysterious veil of this sacred object of the ancient outcropped Si Bin stone, strict determinations of this particular stone were carried out in the six authoritative laboratories attached respectively to Academia Sinica, Ministry of Nuclear Industry and State Seismological Bureau, the results of which are given as follows:

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(Fig.5 Shows its infrared thermo-image)

1. Determinations of the influence as presumably given by the outcropped Si Bin stone on human body, using infrared remote sensing technology, were conducted in the Research Institute of Applied Remote Sensing Technology, Academia Sinica.(Fig.4) The results positively show that a strange field of energy exists in the outcropped Si Bin stone and, once this kind of Si Bin stone is placed near a person who sits still receiving infrared thermal imaging test and gets his infrared thermal image stabilized, temperature variation of this person will take place. It is very interesting to say that this kind of physical phenomenon complies with JING LUO②, however, its mechanism has not yet been made clear so far.(Fig.5 Shows its infrared thermo-image)

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2. Results from the test and detection made in the laboratory of the Research Centre of China National Nuclear Industry for Geological Analysis indicate that the radioactivity contained in the outcropped Si Bin stone is 2% lower than the safety standards as stipulated by the state, in other words, its radioactive substances are far less than those contained in building stone material and porcelain-made dining utensils, hence very safe for use.(Fig.6)
3. Chemical analyses of trace elements in the outcropped Si Bin stone made by the Research Institute of Geology, Academia Sinica, show that there exist more than thirty or so REE and trace

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elements such as Sr, Ti, Cr, Mn, Zn, etc. in the stone.(Fig.7a) And results out of the determinations conducted in the Research Centre of China National Nuclear Industry for Geological Analysis indicate that 1) strontium content is so high that it has nearly reached mining ore grade;(Fig.7b) 2) the outcropped Si Bin stone boasts of elements such as Ca, Fe, P, K, Na, etc. that are beneficial and necessary for human being;(Fig.7c)
4. Determinations of

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ultrasonic performances of the outcropped Si Bin stone made in the Institute of Geophysics, State Seismological Bureau, show that rubbing this kind of stone may send out ultrasonic impulses in the range of frequencies between 20,000 and 2,000,000 Hertz, the impulsing numbers by far in excess of those of ordinary rocks or other material;(Fig.8)
5. Test and detection carried out in the Research Institute of Geochemistry, Academia Sinica, have confirmed that the outcropped Si Bin stone comprises microcrystalline limestone, which means that this particular stone is close to metallic crystal texture;(Fig.9)
6. Water, in which the outcropped Si Bin stone is saturated for a set time, has been identified in an authoritative institute of preclinical medicine to serve as potable water for experimental animal. This Si Bin stone-saturated water may be applied to lowering triglyceride and cholesterol, enhancing high-density lipoprotein and better regulating blood-fat.(Fig.10)

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① A composer as well as a musician enjoying membership of the Chinese Musician Association, Mr Fan Yewei has been a managing director of the Society of Chinese National Orchestra Music and General Manager of Beijing Zhongbei Audio-Video Service Centre since 1988 up to the present.
② A newly-established special term in the traditional Chinese medical science, which refers to the main and collateral channels, regarded as a network of passages, through which vital energy like QI and blood circulates and along which the acupuncture points are spread.