Another wonder at the end of 20 century
Bian is the head of Chinese four traditional medicals, was revealed in two thousand years.
Non-medicine cure, wide application, obvious cure result, no any poison, and easy to learn, to understand, to master.
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The biggest QING in the world

  In the book of《 Records of the Historian 》, there is a vividely-depicted story in which a famous practitioner of Chinese medicine in ancient China called Bian Que of the Warring States Period succeeded in curing the crown prince of the State Guo of his fatal illness with Bian-healing skill, in conjunction with other art of healing. However, according to 《 The Books of the Later Han Dynasty ( 940 - 950 A.D. )·Collected Biographies of Hua Tuo ( 141 - 203 A.D.)①》, three medical skills, that is, acupuncture, moxibustion and Chinese herbal medical treatment in the traditional Chinese medical science still kept flourishing to the times when Huo Tuo was alive, leaving Bian-healing skill gradually lost and finally unknown. Fu Qian② said: " As in the last phase of an age or in the times of upheaval, no desirable stone of fine quality is available any longer and, it is a matter of course that it should be substituted by iron." Then what is the desirable stone of fine quality ? The book of the traditional Chinese medical science《 Nan Jing 》says: " If attacked by pathogen, cattle would fall into swelling and go down with chills and fever. Then Bian-healing skill is hired to serve as an efficient way of medical treatment. " What is described here by Bian- healing skill is patient with medical treatment using the Bian-healing stone which functions both as permeating and dispersing like " invisible needle " having a great effect on the deeper part of human body. As this kind of stone material, by which medical instruments for Bian healing were made, ran short later on, the ancient Chinese Bian-healing skill for medical treatment and health protection, therefore, was gradually not heard about and gradually unknown in the medical community. A well-known scholar of the Tang Dynasty, Yan Shigu ( 581 - 645 A.D.), who was an expert in interpretation of words in ancient books, said: " In ancient times of China we had Bian-healing skill to cure diseases and nowadays this kind of skill has died out."

① A legendary surgeon at the end of the Han Dynasty
② A scholar in the study of Confucian classics in the Eastern Han Dynasty