Another wonder at the end of 20 century
Bian is the head of Chinese four traditional medicals, was revealed in two thousand years.
Non-medicine cure, wide application, obvious cure result, no any poison, and easy to learn, to understand, to master.
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  A natural non-medicinal therapy which is unique, integrated and free from side effects, the Bian-healing skill is based on the theory of JING LUO and acupuncture points. When applied to patients, it actually does not stab or wound your skin, producing no pain, while the effect of field of energy and " invisible needle " as brought about by the Bian-healing instrument made of the outcropped Si Bin stone is being brought into full play. This kind of way of medical treatment cures internal diseases from without, dredging one's JING LUO and nursing QI and blood as its fundamental mechanism and uprooting pathological products which block the circulation of vital energy in JING LUO, especially those held up in JING LUO at the deep part under the skin. It treats both principal and secondary aspect of one's disease, able to lift, to a great extent, his ( or her ) clinical symptoms within short period of time and wonderfully get recovered.
  While we are helping you return to your good health with Bian-healing skill, you will have, at the same time, learned the way to have a good command of self-health-protection and with that you will always keep yourself in good conditions. As the saying goes: " The proof of the pudding is in the eating." Please encourage yourself to have a go and be bold enough in the pursuit of new and happy life. The Organizing Committee of Bian-Healing Skill Attached to China Council for the Promotion of Chinese Medical Sciences, Huguosi Hospital in the Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment Attached to Beijing Chinese Medical and Pharmaceutical University and the Consultancy Service for Health Protection of Beijing Technical Centre for Development of Si Bin Bian-Healing Stone are respectfully waiting for your arrival.
  As a member of China Council for the Promotion of Chinese Medical Sciences and resposible for The Organizing Committee of Bian-Healing Skill in the Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment and a legal representative as well of Beijing Technical Centre for Development of Si Bin Bian-Healing Stone and the initiator in re-exploration of Bian-healing skill, Mr Fan Yewei respectfully sends his best regards to all those who need assistance in their strong desire for earliest convalescence.

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  It is axiomatic to say that heart is very important, for it functions as taking charge of five organs and six entrails. If you somehow feel dull pain, palpitating or suffocating in your left chest, you should be aware that you are, most probably, suffering from heart trouble. Lacking in strength, being flustered and exasperated, short of breath, difficult breathing, suffering from insomnia and dreaming when in sleep, flushing on both cheek bones, dark purplish colour present on your fur, maybe, are all the signs of your heart diseases that are torturing you. And after all, one cannot stand the sufferings arising from by-passing surgery, cardiopuncturing, vascular supporting, cardiac operation and all the related after-effects therefrom. Now we have Bian-healing skill to help you get over all these annoying problems and the clinical experience accumulated through years' practices of the miraculous Bian-healing skill will surely not let you disappoint. Just contact us immediately !

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